Over the hill

cut from an email on 17 October 1995...

I don't have a partner as such since Matt left town, so I climbed with my Housemate Kurt, who climbs occasionally. I lead all the pitches. I was getting very tired on the second pitch when I figured the move onto the left face, bridged right and up and pulled up from there. Gorgeous bridging, this was the key to me getting up. I was devouring the guide re rincon last night wondering why it took me so long to get up there.

I had to rest after my exertions on Sunday but I managed to get out this afternoon. We started at the Pony Express area on West Ridge, did Mesca-Line, a lovely 5.7, tricky. Some lads were on the adjacent pony express, they backed of the second pitch, the first looks lovely. We finished of higher up on a quality 5.6 Dud Dihedral.